Mystery water

We travel across Columbia River twice a day to and from work. The bridge consists of two spans, one for each direction of traffic, and since its almost always clogged with traffic, I get plenty of time to look down between the spans and ogle the water. The Columbia is pretty big here, lots of water moving downriver on it’s way to the ocean. The current is strong and I can’t help but notice that right behind the pylons of the bridge, the water swirls and calms a bit. My mind tells me that this would be a great place to fish, the old saying is you will find structure with no fish, but never fish without structure. The problem is, how do I get to where I could fish this enigmatic water? The bridge sits about 50 feet or more above the river, there are no pedestrian walkways that would provide access, and trying to anchor a boat where you could fish successfully would be impossible. So, my mind swirls like the water behind the pylons on the possibilities with what lives in the deep there. I think I will add this place to my bucket list under the heading “Find a way, and the fish will come”

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