Trapper Creek Canyon

A wild and beautiful place

Wyoming is a beautiful wide open state where your adventures are only limited by your imagination. I was born and raised here, it is the vessel that my love for the outdoors was distilled through. I still think of it as my home. One of my favorite places is Trapper Creek Canyon. There is a small creek that has it’s headwaters here, the cold clear water bubbles out of the limestone rocks at the beginning of the canyon, and it is full of beautiful little cutthroat trout.

One of nature’s finest creations

This fish gets it’s name from the spectacular red slashes on the bottom of it’s jaw, one on each side. They are native to the environment, and to me represent all that is wild and beautiful.

The bottom of this canyon is not easy to get to, it’s a full days worth of hiking in some of the steepest terrain you could image. There are only two trails that I know of, old mountain goat and big horn sheep paths. You pack light, bring your lunch, and plan on getting sweaty, but the rewards of your hard work are indescribable. The air is clean and fresh, the water is ice cold and clear, the desolation is delightful and mind clearing. On your trek down, you pass through millions of years of geology, the different colors and textures of the rock formations keep your mind and soul engaged in a kaleidoscope of thoughts of wonder and grace. Truly this is God’s creation and I am blessed every time I pass through it.

The fishing is easy here, the little cutts eagerly take just about anything you present, but being here is not about catching fish, it’s about what all that these wondrous creations swimming in the crystal clear pools do for your heart and soul……….

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