Looking for a keeper

Can lightning strike the same place twice?  We were betting so, and returned to our favorite little beach last Friday night and all day Saturday in hopes of connecting with a keeper sturgeon.  And, although we caught a lot of fish, none were of legal size to keep.  Juvenile sturgeon are call “shakers” and we got a lot of them.  It was good practice for my daughter who is still learning the finer points of setting the hook and keeping tension on the line when reeling in fish.  The spring season ends this next weekend, so we will be going out again Thursday and Friday after work, and probably all day Saturday in hopes of putting another fish on the tag.  I haven’t decided yet where we are going, the common thought is if you are catching a lot of shakers, you need to move either up or down the river to find the larger adult fish.  One thing that I did notice this last weekend was the amount of clam shells that were washed up on the beach where we were.  I am beginning to believe that there is a large clam bed in front of our fishing spot and that is what is attracting the fish.  If this is true, there will be larger adults in there feeding as well, it’s just a matter of time before we start connecting with them.  Stay tuned and see how this all plays out…..

Even Abby wants a keeper…

Another one just undersized

Great smile

nice fish, but under the lower slot limit length

Fresh herring half hitched to the leader with sand shrimp wrapped on other side

Herring wrapped with sand shrimp

The setup

beautiful day

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