Mystic Rhythms….

Seasons of life


From our earliest moments, we are pushed and pulled by the rhythms of life around us.  We are instinctively aware-  the sun’s rays reflecting off a tall cedar tree on a winter’s day, the first blades of a mountain meadow’s flower, the lilting song of the red winged blackbird.  Lately, I have been thinking more and more about these rhythms and what they mean to my life and the world I live in.  This post is an attempt to put those meanings to word and picture, a way to clean the palette of my mind if you will.  The photos placed here all have special and deep meaning to me, each one a special time in my life, each one an emotion in the heart…


Wyoming is my home, the place I go in my mind when times are hard and the spirit is bleak…….  Her beauty has always lifted my heart and cleared my mind.

haunting memories

The playgrounds of my youth, the desire of my heart in age……..


In all matters, my wife, the most important life in mine….

This picture was taken a couple of years ago, it was a trip to show Diane my home, my roots, the innermost me.  We were deep in the colored soul of my home when our son Tannyr called from Afghanistan. He was stationed there, doing what Marines do in battle.  We had not heard from him for quite a while when this unexpected call came.  The strange number on the phone was a cause of concern, as is witnessed by the look on her face.  Another call a few seconds later from the same number was met with elation and joy as we heard our son’s voice for the first time in months.  In the background stand tall the Big Horn Mountains.  My son stood tall in Afghanistan like these mountains, of this I am most proud.  The mystic rhythms of life pull in even the most remote of places….. (I place the good fortune on the beauty of my home)

A new life in ours… Absaroka

Later that year we bound a new life to ours, a beautiful little puppy we named Absaroka,  after the mountain range in Wyoming.  When our grandchildren couldn’t pronounce her name, we shortened it up to Abby, but in our hearts, she represents the wild and beautiful mountains she was first named after.  Her presence has changed our lives in countless ways, the love we have for her is only paled by the love we share for each other.  For me she is the living example of unconditional love and friendship and I love her so……


Our hearts are bound..



Salt is in our blood..

Perhaps the strongest current pulling Diane and me now is the ocean. Memories of the ocean drift through our minds individually and shared.  Water is one rhythm that pushes and pulls us both with the most consistency…….


A look back, a strong bond going forward…

The ocean holds many memories

the colors of life..




The rhythms of life flow through us in countless ways, some more than others, but all influence the course of our lives.  I am humbled to be aware of that influence and will be adding to this post as time drifts by.  There are so many more words to say.


Red sky at night……..












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