Astoria, Cape Disappointment, and a Happy Birthday!

Beach treasure

Sunday was my daughter’s birthday so we headed down to the beach to celebrate the day.  On the way there, we stopped in Astoria, OR,  to do a little birthday shopping.  Astoria has a great Sunday farmers market that spans about 6 city blocks.  Besides the usual kettle corn and trinket stands, there are seafood purveyors with the early morning catch for sale, and just about everything in between.  Diane and I really like this little town, so much in fact that we have placed it on our list of potential retirement places.  There is a great sense of community here, and most importantly to me,  a place to go fishing is only a short distance away.
After spending a good amount of time in Astoria, we crossed the bridge over the Columbia River and headed down to Cape Disappointment.  We fished a little for sand perch, played with Abby in the sand, and had a most wonderful day.


Astoria waterfront looking out over the Columbia River


great architecture



Pick a pepper, any pepper


study of peppers..


Tomatillo’s anyone?


great looking tomatoes!


orange and purple goodness!


Beautiful flowers


Cape Disappointment


Let’s go fishing..


Abby on the prowl

Off to the water..


looking for treasures..


shore birds feeding in the surf


fish stories told here…


You want me to go diving for crabs??


Cape Disappointment lighthouse


beautiful day..


Abby made a new friend


the next generation, I’m very proud of her……


A kiss from an Angel..


Sailor’s dream..


Tight Lines………..





























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