Wyoming- cutts, bows, and browns

Fall – north fork of the Shoshone River

This last week, Diane and I made the last of our yearly trips to Wyoming to visit my parents and get them ready for winter.  On the way there, we decided to go over Lolo Pass instead of through Spokane and I90.  It was a good choice, the Lochsa river passage was absolutely beautiful, the tamaracks were a golden yellow against the green of firs and cedars, and the water clear and cold.

Beautiful fall day

clear, cold, and home to many west slope cutthroat trout

The trip home takes about fifteen hours of driving, and although this may seem a long time in the seat, the scenery through Montana keeps your mind off of the time.

Montana splendor

My father always has a long list of things he wants accomplished, and we got right after it.  I joked with Diane that in the span of a couple of days, I had been a plumber, electrician, carpenter, lumberjack, truck mechanic, and grounds keeper.  It was nice to check off everything from his list though, and after a couple of days it was time to go fishing.

North Fork of the Shoshone river

The North Fork of the Shoshone river runs from the border of Yellowstone east through Cody and Powell and out into Yellowtail reservoir.  The Indians that lived here named the river the “stinking water river” because of the smell of the natural hot springs that dump into it at the headwaters.  All of that warm water is a blessing for the wild trout that live here however, as there is plenty of feed available year round.  When we pulled up to the river, I wasn’t sure what we were going to find and was pleasantly surprised to find it very fishable.  I selected a gold bladed blue fox spinner and rigged up my pole and walked down to the waters edge.

Okuma rod, Shimano stradic reel, and 6 pound test line

only spinner used the whole trip- blue fox #2 gold blade with an orange body

On the very first cast, the lure was smashed by a fish I had not seen in a long time, a mountain white fish!   A couple of quick pictures and we got it back into the water.  The prospects for a great afternoon were looking good!

A big surprise on the first cast!

On the next cast, a beautiful rainbow hit the lure and so it went from there.  We were at the river for about an hour and caught a lot of beautiful fish.

Very healthy rainbow

very nice little brown trout. Notice the white around the dark spots… absolutely beautiful!

looking for the big one

biggest fish of the trip, a nice rainbow

We had a great time during the week we were back with my parents.  Fishing was great, the scenery was fantastic, and life was good.  We very much look forward to our trip back in the spring…..

Tight Lines!

See you next year!

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