Boot Shopping on the Lewis River

Boot shopping

On Sunday afternoon, Diane and I loaded up Abby and went down to a local river in search of a steelhead or salmon.  The Lewis River is about 15 minutes from home and has a couple of nice runs of fish every year.  The monsoon season has arrived in the Pacific Northwest and I was hoping that all of the fresh water in the river would serve as a catalyst to get the fall runs started.  As it turned out, there were fish in the water, however, they were what was left of the spring runs.  A salmon that has spent a lot of time in fresh water and has either just spawned or is about to turns a dark brown color and loses all dinner appeal.  Hence the word “boot.”  Not many people will eat one of these beasts, and for the most part they are not worth the effort to put on the smoker either.  As I was throwing a growing collection of spinners in the water, I noticed several of these “boots” rolling at the head of the pool.  After a couple of hours of watching them and looking for fresher alternatives, we called it a day.   Seeing salmon in a river makes any day great, hopefully in a couple of years I will hook into one of their progeny……

Gear Used:

-Shimano Stradic reel loaded with 12lb power pro

-Laminglass 9’6″ rod

-Blue Fox spinners, Hot Shots, various spoons in assorted colors

Tight Lines!

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