Sturgeon City

On Sunday, my two boys and I put the boat in the water and went hunting for sturgeon.   It is still catch and release,  but we have a great time anyways.  The chance to catch a very large fish is always a great time.

Must have gained a little weight since I put these on last… LOL!

We got the boat in the water and into position and anchored up.  The fish finder started marking fish right away and it wasn’t 10 minutes till we got our first fish, a nice 39″ fatty.

First fish of the day, only took 10 minutes!

The bites kept coming and we were able to put the hurt on a lot of fish.  The day ended with me catching a 41″ sturgeon.

Last fish of the day….

It was a great day, lots of bites and lots of fish.

Gear Used:

  • Shimano 9′ Talora rod,

  • Shimano Calcutta reel spooled with 80lb Power Pro braid

  • Gamakatsu 6/0 circle hooks

  • Pacific Herring

Looking forward to the next trip!

Tight Lines…..

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