Waiting for metalheads…

November is a transition time in the Northwest.  The fall runs of salmon are all but done, and it’s still early for the big runs of winter steelhead.  There are still some fish to be caught, although few and far between.  Last Saturday I gave it a go on one of my local rivers, the North Fork of the Lewis, hoping that I may be able to coax a fish out of the river.  All up and down the bank were scattered carcasses of spawned out salmon – chinook and silvers.  I spent a couple hours throwing just about everything I had in the tackle box at the water, but never got a sniff.   The last couple days have seen the rivers blowing out due to all of the rain we’ve had (4+inches in two days!), but I’m sure that when they start to come back to fishable levels, there will be a lot of fish in the water again.  I cannot wait!!

Beautiful fall water


Bobber and jig fishing


all ready for steelhead


Gear used:

  • Shimano Stradic CI4 reel spooled with 20lb power pro braid, 8ft ,mono leader
  • Shimano Claurus rod, 9 ft fast action
  • First bite jig, any color as long as it’s pink!


Tight Lines…..



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