Late Fall on the Columbia River

There was a break in the weather this weekend, so we decided to get the boat out of the garage and head out on the Columbia River to do some catch and release sturgeon fishing.   Two wonderful friends, Justin and Bob, met me at the house on Saturday morning and off we went.  Once the boat was in the water, I headed north (down river), about 3 miles, got anchored up, and the lines in the water.

Justin's first sturgeon

Justin’s first sturgeon

It wasn’t long until we started getting bites and Justin got hooked into a nice size fish.  If you have never had one on the line, it can be quite an experience as they pull really hard and can take a lot of line in a hurry.  After a good fight, we were able to get it into the boat and took a few pictures then back in the water.  There were a lot of high fives and smiles to go around.  I got the lines back in the water and we waited.  After a good hour or so with not even a sniff, I decided we needed to move to a different location.  We pulled the anchor and moved upriver about a half mile and got the lines back in the water.  Almost immediately the bites began to come again and Bob was able to hook into another great fish…

Look at the smile!

Look at the smile!

As Bob was fighting his fish, I picked up one of the other rods to get it into the boat, and hooked another fish! It was chaos for 10 minutes or so as we danced around each other trying to keep the lines from tangling.  I got my fish to the boat first and released so I could concentrate on helping Bob get his in.  The picture above says it all!  It wasn’t 15 minutes later, and the rain starting coming in, so we pulled the anchor and headed back to the house.  My beautiful wife had a big pot of soup ready for us when we got home.  A great day for sure.

Evening colors on the river

Evening colors on the river


Sunday morning, Diane and I got up, had a nice breakfast and decided that the weather was still too nice not to go fishing.  We loaded up the boat and Abby and headed out to the same place as I had gone yesterday.  As we traveled down river,  Abby ran from one end of the boat to the other in excitement and Diane and I looked at each other with a big smile on our faces- it was going to be a good day even if we didn’t catch any fish.  Twenty minutes later, I got the boat into position, the anchor down, and our lines in the water.  There wasn’t even time to get a beer opened before Diane had a heavy fish on the end of her line…..

bending the rod

bending the rod

keeping the line tight!  Great job!

keeping the line tight! Great job!


Fifteen minutes later, the fish was in the boat and a big smile on her face…

beautiful fish and day

beautiful fish and day


I hooked up just a little later…

my sturgeon

my sturgeon


We spent another couple hours on the water watching the river go by and decided to call it a day.  There is nothing like two great fall days spent with wonderful friends and family on the river…..


Tight Lines..





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